Board of Advisors

Ms. Carla E. Alsandor, PhD
Ms. Carol Birkofer
Ms. Nora Brooks
Ms. Mary Caprio
Mr. Stephen Edworthy
Mr. Anthony Gamez
Ms. Vanessa Garza
Ms. Olivia Giese
Mr. Colin F. Hageney
Mr. Jeff Hill
Deacon Thad Kudela
Ms. Caroline Marciano
Ms. Christine Mathers
Ms. Meg Meliet
Ms. Jeanice Netzel
Ms. Andrea Quinn
Ms. Christi Quinn
Ms. Anna Robshaw
Ms. Carolyn Sears
Ms. Katy Theroux
Mr. Jonathon Wasielewski
Mr. Tedd Winter

Board of Directors

Sr. Lauren Beck, C.V.I.
Sr. Maria Eleanor Caisido, C.V.I.
Fr. John Huber, CSB
Sr. Kevina Keating, CCVI
Sr. Carmel O’Malley, C.V.I.

Board of Advisors

The Incarnate Word Academy Board of Advisors is a guardian of the Incarnate Word mission. The Board is comprised of representatives from educational, business and professional fields from the greater Houston area as well as representatives of the Academy administration, the Sisters of the Congregation and Academy alumnae. The Board of Advisors is strategic in its scope, providing counsel on school policy and holding fiduciary responsibility for the Academy long term. 

Board Activities

Standing Committees

  • Advancement
  • Enrollment & Retention
  • Facilities
  • Finance 
  • Long Range Planning
  • Marketing Admissions