Graduate Profile

We prepare students to graduate as Women of the Word–women who are rooted in Academics, Values, and Spirituality and are prepared to make a positive change in the world. 

We strive to model the way and encourage young women to strive for success using the following three cornerstones as our compass.  



A Woman of the Word is eager, curious and recognizes that her days at the Academy are just the beginning of her lifelong journey as a learner.

She tries her best, stays positive and shows integrity, even when something is challenging. A Woman of the Word knows that the real value of her education is found in the critical thinking, collaboration and problem-solving skills that she will use to identify a problem and develop tomorrow’s extraordinary solutions. A Woman of the Word seeks out diverse ideas, recognizing that understanding perspectives different than her own yields empathy and compassion.


A Woman of the Word graduate is empowered as a bold, authentic servant leader with a first instinct to serve.

She looks beyond herself and naturally finds opportunities to be there for others, impacting the community both within and outside IWA.  A Woman of the Word can confidently articulate her story, advocating for herself and leveraging her experiences and strengths. She courageously leans into fear, and when she stumbles, she reflects, adjusts her approach and perseveres. When she thrives, she celebrates her successes while still humbly acknowledging that her accomplishments are through the support of many.


An IWA Graduate is grounded in the spirituality of the Incarnation, which is found in the Scriptures, Catholic theology and Christian Spirituality.

 A Woman of the Word realizes that her relationship with Jesus, the Incarnate Word, develops over a lifetime and is nurtured by prayer. She understands that being in a relationship with Jesus, the Incarnate Word, also means embracing and living according to His values found in the Gospels.  A Woman of the Word is united in a sisterhood of women who seek truth, beauty, and goodness.