Athlete Viewpoints: Volleyball Teaches Success Comes One Point at a Time

Volleyball is a largely underrated sport that requires immense teamwork, mental strength and high-level technique. As a two-year captain of IWA's varsity team, I can say that it takes a lot of grit, determination and hard work to earn point after point.

The game is all in your head. The best volleyball players never reveal their insecurities and only show their confidence — even when facing the toughest teams. 

This past year, our team was not the tallest or the loudest. However, despite the lack of physical advantage, we were scrappy and went for every ball. Defense wins games, and our lower height average helped contribute to our wins. 

I think the most frustrating part of volleyball is the sudden changes in momentum that forces both teams to re-evaluate their game plans. It can change as quickly as one hit from the opposing team, and a team can get a lead in a second. One miscommunication, one moment of lapsed judgment, can give the enemy a run of points. It is a game of intense effort, reading and chemistry from teammate to teammate. 

While all of us athletes strive for excellence in every sport we participate in, there is also merit that comes from the connections made on the court. Teammates may not be best friends off the court, but no one can come between a girl and her teammates. There is a special bond that is formed through training hardships, rough practices and games that last for hours. When we get exhausted or feel down, our teammates lift us up and push us to continue reaching for those goals we spend months training for.

A girl will never forget the teammates that expected more from her and drove her closer to success, no matter what sport. 

To the current and future Falcons out there, keep up the hard work! 

                                                                                                                                      —Merriam Scafide '20