Getting into the Spirit

The thing I love so much about working with the IWA Spirit Shop is working with the Academy's students. They are so awesome and amazing in their creativity. I’m always trying to get their input and come up with things that they will enjoy, to keep the IWA Spirit Shop unique. Ours is definitely different from other schools.

Keeping in that spirit (get it?), we’ve got some terrific new items set to roll out. I’m super excited about this, and I’ve got a couple of favorites I think are going to be really popular. There’s a power charger specifically for students’ iPads!  The girls are always having to maneuver around the classroom to find a plug to charge their iPads. At our Mother/Daughter Mass, the Spirit Shop will be offering a high-capacity charging bank that can charge up to three iPads at once. Even better, girls can personalize the face of the charger with a photo or other design that they will submit upon purchase.

Another awesome item, perfect for late-night studying, is the Semester Exam package.  It includes a brand-new super soft blanket to cuddle in, a packet of hot cocoa or peppermint tea, candy and a coffee mug. This is the perfect gift for parents to give to their daughters or friends to buy for each other as the girls get ready for exams.

We’re having a Spirit Shop holiday pre-sale on Nov. 20 during Flex Time and I really hope parents and students will come check out our new –and restocked—items.

Sales in the Spirit Shop are always steady, and here’s a bit of trivia: the most popular item in the Spirit Shop is the white, long-sleeve shirt with Houston skyline on it. This T-shirt was designed by an IWA student and has flown off the shelf!

Stickers are always popular, too, especially the one with Joan of Arc quote, “I am not afraid. I was made for this.” The other sticker the girls seem to love is the one with the IWA mandala.

All of the money raised from Spirit Shop sales goes back to the Mothers Club fund. We use the fund for activities throughout the year, including the Mother/Daughter Mass reception, our annual IWA Thanksgiving lunch and Teacher Appreciation Week.

One of the things I really love about IWA is the great sense of community here. From the students to the faculty and staff, everyone here works to make others feel welcome. I think the Spirit Shop is an extension of that – it’s a way we can show, literally, our love for IWA.

— Samantha Edwards, IWA mother of Katie '17 and Sarah '23 Edwards, and Spirit Shop volunteer

Don't miss our big Spirit Shop fall sale on Wednesday, Nov. 20 from 2:45 - 4:00 p.m. in the IWA cafeteria.