Lenten Reflections: A Time of Grown and Sacrifice

Lent has arrived. Forty days of spiritual growth and sacrifice are here. And though we all know what this season of trial and purification is leading us towards, we often need more time to reflect on what we do to make Lent count. 

Every Lent, we are encouraged to leave something behind, to challenge ourselves to give something up, or to stop a habit that keeps us from the Lord. This year, I have decided to give up meat — not just on Fridays, but during every day of the season. I know, that’s a hard challenge. But it is so beneficial to me because it gives me the opportunity to suffer with the Lord.It is a journey that we take together so that through His example, I can learn what it means to be truly working towards selflessness and humility. It is also a chance to be grateful for the things that I do have: the food that I eat every day, and for the dependence that I can have in the Lord. 

We are also called to pick up something, to begin a new habit that leads us closer to the Lord. Personally, I like to find devotionals or reflections to guide me steadily throughout the season, and for that reason, I will be using Blessed Is She’s “Here, Too: Where We Meet God” devotional. Spending  even just 10 to 15 more minutes with the Lord each day helps us bond to further in relationship. It is also a reminder to myself that not only do I belong to God, but I need Him, too, to find true happiness. 

What challenge are you willing to take on in order to grow closer to the Lord during the next 40 days?

I wish you the best on your journey with the Lord. 

—Sofia Martinez, ‘21


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