Voices of Advent: Placing God at the Center of Our Lives

Epiphany is the day the three Magi came to visit Jesus, and it is the last celebration of the Christmas season. The three Magi were driven to find Jesus because they knew that although he was a baby, he was the King of the Universe. They allowed Jesus to sit on the throne of their hearts.

Epiphany is a reminder to seek out God in our daily lives and to put him at the center of all our actions. 2017 was the 100th anniversary of the Fatima apparitions. The Fatima apparitions were when Mary appeared to three children for six consecutive months and revealed deep spiritual truths. The three Fatima children had already placed God at the center of their lives, which is why they were found worthy to receive this apparition. When Francisco was asked if today was the last judgement would he do anything different, he said nothing and kept playing. He was so close to God that he had nothing to fear.

We aren’t too young to place God at the center of our lives either! Pope Francis emphasizes all the time that youth are the future of the Church. In “Christus Vivit," the first ever encyclical to young people, Pope Francis writes “The Church needs your momentum, your intuitions, your faith." 

Let’s be brave enough to share them.

— Camille Anigbogu '20