2019 National Signing Day at IWA

Parents, teammates, and classmates watched proudly as senior Morgan Sword put pen to paper on the 2019 National Signing Day and committed to play golf at Rocky Mountain College in Billings, Montana. She is the first IWA graduate to play golf at the college level!

Morgan started playing golf in sixth grade, but she says it wasn't until joining the IWA team that she really loved the game: "It was not until high school that I could see progress with every practice, and I generally loved going out with my coaches and friends to play. I love that it’s a game that constantly puts me in new positions. I like how it makes me think critically before each shot because every situation is different, which is challenging but rewarding.

Morgan will put this positive attitude to use not just on the course, but in the sky–Morgan will matriculate into Rocky Mountain College’s world-renowned aviation program to pursue her dream of becoming a pilot. “I began pursuing aviation at the end of my junior year. My grandpa was a Naval pilot who flew the P-3 Orion and I have many family friends that are also pilots. Through them, I began considering aviation, and started flight lessons during October of my senior year.”  

Morgan’s parents echoed her excitement are thrilled for her next chapter: “Today is the culmination of many years of determination, practice, and hard work. We are thrilled for Morgan and can't wait for her to step out of her dorm room and onto the tarmac!


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