Academic Awards Night

Congratulations to all of the students who were recognized for their hard work, spirit, and dedication at this year's Academic Awards event. We are proud to announce the following award recipients:

The Margaret Sheltz Endowed Scholarship:  Anne Culbreth & Grace Michael

Charlene Barry Theology Award: Rebecca Barry

Society of Women Engineers Award: Michela Durrette and Katherine Rose

The Rensselaer Award for Engineering: Ursula Buchwald

IWA’s Distinguished Leader Awards:  Elise Amsler, Mary Margaret Bauman, Natalie Birney, Alyssa Caver, Celeste Collins, Michela Durette, Liana Fantich, Norma Ferrel, Claire Fuller, Megan Garney, Sarabeth Hanz, Chloe Juanico, Suzanna Marbach, Kirby Mason, Shanna Pham, Sarah Rosales, Angelica Sanchez, Mary Katherine Saye, Xurong Watson

Scholar Athlete: Hallie Lyons

Service Learning Award: Sasha Olguin

2019 National Merit Scholarship Program Commended Scholar: Olivia Ochoa

2019 National Merit Scholarship Program Finalist: Norma Ferrel

2020 National Merit Scholarship Program Entrants: Maria Bello & Ursula Buchwald

2020 National Hispanic Recognition Program: Maria Bello & Niccole Riera

Woman of the Word Award: Miranda Wilkes

Spirit of the Word Award: Suzanna Marbach

Servant of the Word Award: Michela Durrette

2019 Graduates of Distinction:


Evalyn Navarro

Theology I

Juliette Billings

Theology II

Niccole Riera

Theology III

Jayme Eaton

Theology IV


Britney Bell

English I

Olivia Dickens

Honors English I

Randi McBride

English II

Sara Roldan

Honors English II

Alondra Alaya

English III

Merriam Scafide

AP English III

Isabella Grimm

English IV

Claire Fuller

AP English IV

Mary Katherine Saye

Contemporary Literature

Cecilia Hall

Creative Writing

Emily Quin

Communication Applications

Claire Sonne

World in Motion

Claire Theroux



Crystal Hong

Algebra I

Abigail Waggoner

Honors Algebra 1

Dani Detoto


Emily Quin

Honors Geometry

Mary Leedy

Algebra II

Sofia Garza

Honors Algebra II

Elissa Akuchie

College Algebra

Kristen Hillegeist


Grace Garwood

Honors Pre-Calculus

Liana Fantich

AP Calculus AB

Michela Durrette

AP Calculus BC

Michela Durrette

AP Statistics


Lauren Richards


Nicole Cross

Honors Biology

Rachel Zakarevicz

AP Biology

Leah Lucas


Madeline Taylor

Honors Chemistry

Ursula Buchwald

AP Chemistry

Hallie Lyons


Laura Cromwell

Honors Physics

Anne Culbreth

Honors Engineering Design

Avery Garig

Health and Wellness

Suzanna Marbach

Anatomy and Physiology

Hallie Lyons

Forensic Science

Social Studies

Emily Green

World History and Geography to 1500

Elizabeth Hatten

Honors World History and Geography to 1500

Lily Cromeens

World History and Geography from 1500

Anna Hartman

Honors World History and Geography from 1500

Audrey Moreau

U.S. History

Laura Cromwell

AP U.S. History

Alesandra Ruiz


Katherine Rose

Honors Macroeconomics

Angelica Sanchez

US Government

Jayme Eaton

AP US Government

Maria Bello


Celeste MacMurray

Current Events

World Languages

Maya Tihami

French I

Gia Ochsenbien

French II

Kaila Caligur

French III

Kathy Nguyen

Honors French III

Xitlali Herrera

French IV

Mary Turner

Spanish I

Sophia Schlak

Spanish II

Claire Sonne

Spanish III

Sofia Martinez

Honors Spanish III

Kaitlyn Wilkes

Spanish IV

Maria del Carmen Bello

AP Spanish IV

Mackenzie Kitzman

Latin I

Jacqueline Kaase

Latin II

Katelyn Powell

Latin III

Sophia Cantoni

Honors Latin III

Norma Ferrel

AP Latin IV


Anna Cook

Leading with Character

Abbie Martin

Leading with Service

Chloe Juanico

Leading with Personal Finance

Kathy Nguyen

Leading with Business

Computer Science 

Lillian Sudkamp

3D Modeling & Game Design

Anna Hasker

Digital Design and Media Production

Isabella Musatto

Web Design

Megan Moody

AP Computer Science

Fine Arts

Emma Welsch

Fundamental Art

Isabella Kerfers

Advanced Art

Jiahui (Crystal) Hong

Textile Art

Katelyn Blade

Fundamentals of Theatre

Katie Powell

Advanced Theatre

Lily Cromeens


Paige Henderson


Physical Education 

Ciara Juanico

Darby Brown

Physical Education

Weight Training


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