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Alumnae Share Tips for College Success

More than 20 alumnae from the classes of 2020, 2021, and 2022 returned to campus on Thursday, January 5, to participate in panel discussions about life after IWA. The alumnae represented colleges with diverse locations, sizes, and environments, such as University of Pennsylvania, Catholic University, Texas A&M, University of St. Thomas, Syracuse, Texas State, and Clemson.

The panelists focused their advice on college life and all that transition entails, such as school choice, self-care, time management, study abroad programs, and staying true to yourself and your values as you take the next step in education. 

Tips included ideas to prepare students for college, like establishing study habits, as well as advice for navigating the first year on campus such as taking advantage of resources like student health, professors’ office hours, or ways to make a large college smaller by joining clubs and extracurriculars. The panelists appreciated the academic preparation they received at Incarnate Word, especially in STEM and writing courses. They reminded current students to continue to seek balance in college with interactions that make you happy such as preparing a home-cooked meal or volunteering for a favorite charity. 

Thank you to the generous and well-spoken alumnae panelists, our Counselors Dr. Talia Pennington-Dorsey and Amie Gray, as well as Young Leaders Program Director Eric Kerr-Heraly, for organizing and moderating this important event for IWA students.