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Choir Retreat is a Student-Led Experience

The Incarnate Word Academy choir is essential to the school. Its members sing and lead responses at all of our school Masses, including the Baccalaureate Mass and Graduation. They also perform concerts, and many compete in individual and group vocal competitions. When it comes to making a joyful noise, these young women lead the way.

Members of the choir's senior class put together a retreat for the ensemble on Friday, Aug. 6. The afternoon was a blend of games and social time, designed to welcome returning members back from summer vacation, but also served as a way for incoming freshman members to get to know the choirs rhythms and routine. Choir director Joshua Wilson led a rehearsal of the school alma mater, in preparation for the close of the Mass on Friday, Aug. 13.

"They really seemed to have a lot of fun," Wilson said of the retreat. "I really liked that the seniors took care of doing all the planning and execution. It was a good chance to meet the new choir members and reconnect with those who are returning."

Emily Quin '22 is one of the seniors who was part of the planning. She's attended choir retreats since she was a freshman at IWA, and said the choir tries to host multiple events like this each year.

"Retreats are a way for us to bond as a unit," she said. "Beyond helping us sing better though, retreats and parties are a great way to relax during or after a stressful time. We have a breakfast after every concert to celebrate a job well done and relieve some of the stress that builds up during the mad dash to get to a performance."

One of the games involved the students having to introduce themselves and move in some way. Reagan Hucke '23 said this was her favorite part.

"The whole retreat itself was a lot of fun, but I would say the best part was getting to know everyone new and past through the fun movements they made," she said. "Now, we all have at least a small idea of who is who and the immense amount of Sophias present. We have a ton of Sophias in the choir!"

Emily said the first retreat of the year was definitely geared more toward fun than to serious singing. There will be plenty of that, of course, as the students begin preparing for upcoming Masses and concerts.

"As returning choir members, we get to put our best foot forward while welcoming the newest members of our team/family.," she said.  "And for the freshmen, they get to see us at our most foolish, so even Seniors aren’t quite so intimidating."

The choir will sing at the first all-school Mass on Friday, Aug. 13, and will soon prepare for its fall concert.  

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