Class of 2021 Celebrates its Last Day of Classes at IWA

The last day of school is always an occasion to celebrate: the academic year is over, and a summer full of fun and possibilities await. It's also a time to relax after a year of classes, studying and tests.

For the senior class, however, the last of school is bittersweet. The lure of college and new adventures awaits, but it's the end of high school days.

At IWA, one of our traditions is for senior students on their last day of classes to decorate their skirts to showcase the colleges and universities they'll attend. They come to school dressed in T-shirts, hats and other swag touting their college choices. The first period of the day is a chance for them to gather together, take photos and enjoy the remarkable sisterhood that makes IWA so special.

We're so proud of the Class of 2021 and we look forward to celebrating their achievements at our Baccalaureate Mass and Graduation on Saturday, May 22.

 Allison Mercier (Texas A&M University), Emily York (Baylor University), Alex Benedict (Louisiana State University), Tessa Watson (San Diego State University)

Stephanie Donson (University of Colorado Boulder), Danielle Detoto (Colorado State University), Than Truc Duong (University of Houston) 

Avery Garig (New York University), Nicole Fish (Clemson University), Anna Hartman (Texas A&M University), Karley Kieschnick (Texas Tech University)