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Cleaning the Coast

Summer is over, and, more than 17 billion pounds of waste have been left behind on the Galveston beaches. To minimize the growing pollution, the IWA Environmental Club, along with St. Thomas High School's Environmental Club, took part in the coastal clean-up hosted by the Adopt a Beach program. 

Students headed to the beach on Saturday, Sept. 18 for the service project.

On arriving at their destination, students were sent off in pairs, with gloves and a trash bag, and instructed to search on a designated piece of beach for any waste that had been left behind. Along with finding large amounts of recyclable plastic, cigarettes, and disposable masks, they also discovered articles of clothing buried underneath the sand. The collected waste was placed in several decorated bins, in order to be disposed of properly. 

“I had a very fun time being able to be with my friends, while also knowing that I was doing something impactful for our planet,” said Mary Flaherty '23, the club's vice president. 

This is the first of many events the club plans to host, and the group hopes to be able to make a greater impact within the community. 

“We rarely get the chance to actually be a part of something like this, so we plan to incorporate many more hands-on exercises for everyone to get involved, and to truly be a part of this change,” said Sarah Douglass '23, Environmental Club president.

We look forward to sharing more news about what the group has planned.

Story by Anna Galan '23; photo by Alexandra Ganim '23

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