Digital Ambassadors Share IWA Stories Online

Covering all that happens in a day at Incarnate Word Academy is a big job. Luckily for our school, we have a great marketing and communication department that helps share the stories of our students, faculty and school initiatives. But, there's always more to find out.

So, mid last year, communications teamed up with admissions to launch the Digital Ambassadors program. This group of girls would fan out across their classrooms, performances, sports fields and school events to take pictures and post them to IWA's Instagram Stories, giving followers a unique view of school life through the eyes of its students. Their posts provided IWA students, supporters and friends to see all the great things that happen here every day. 

Admissions also saw the opportunity to use the Digital Ambassadors' posts as a way to show prospective students all that IWA has to offer, and help them imagine their lives as Women of the Word.

"I hope this is a way for students who might be thinking about applying and coming to IWA to see how incredible it is every day," said Kaitlyn Pena '15, admissions associate, who is also an IWA grad and oversees the Digital Ambassadors program. Pena graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a bachelor's degree in public relations in 2018, and has experience with social media planning. "And I love the idea that our girls can see the impact their work has."

This year, the program has grown, and the Digital Ambassadors made their debut covering our Spirit Week activities. 

"I love that there are so many great moment that happen here every day and I want to capture and share them," said Noor Beidas, a junior Digital Ambassador who posted images of Falcon Family Reveal to our Instagram Stories. "It's great showing our daily life to people."

About a dozen sophomores, juniors and seniors have been selected as Digital Ambassadors. In order to be part of the program, they needed to take part in a training session that discussed appropriate language and subject matter for posting, minimum postings for what they were covering and had to turn in an example of the kind of story they'd post to IWA's Instagram account. Being a Digital Ambassador is not only a privilege and a responsibility, it's an opportunity to gain real-world skills in how broader social media strategy works. 

"This program offers our students the chance to see how social media is used in real-world applications," said Holly Beretto, director of marketing and communications. "It's fantastic to have their energy and their view represented. Our Digital Ambassadors have been instrumental in helping us cover all that happens at IWA, whether it's a special event or a fun slice of daily life."

Ms. Beretto is also exploring the idea in the future, the Digital Ambassadors might contribute to IWA's communication in other ways, such as using their photography in The Weekly Word or Word magazine, or having them write guest blog posts for the website. 

In the meantime, to keep up with our ambassadors, and all the happenings at IWA, be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook

This year's Digital Ambassadors are:
Noor Beidas
Ashley Chavez
Danielle Detoto
Emily Dulce
Hannah Eagleton
Lauren Fuller
Grace Guillory
Elizabeth Hatten
Kennedy Parker
Elise Potier
Christina Ramirez
Raquel Rodriguez
Claire Sonne
Amelia Toffelmire
Maria Trostmann