Following in Her Footsteps

Incarnate Word Academy parents were on campus Thursday night, Aug. 26 for our annual Follow Your Daughter's Schedule Night event. It was an opportunity to meet their daughters' teachers, as well as find out about the exciting things happening across our curriculum.

"It was a joy to bring the community together again on campus," said Academic Dean Stefanie Howard. "It was such a great event."

Following a welcome and prayer, led by Sister Lauren Beck, C.V.I., president of the Academy, parents followed their daughter's schedule, attending sessions hosted by our IWA faculty in their classrooms.

"I wanted to learn more about what my daughter is doing in her classes," said Steve Smetna, father of Isabella Smetana '22, sitting in Mrs. Jennifer Calabrese's philosophy elective class. "She really likes delving deeper into topics."

Our faculty shared their excitement about teaching and their love of our students. "I love teaching your daughters," Mrs. D'Arby Garza told the parents assembled in her AP Chemistry class. "They are such a motivated group."

That sentiment was shared by Mrs. Karen Douglass, our math department chair, as she was speaking to the parents of her Honors Algebra II class. "They are such great question askers," She said. "And I want to be sure that they know these concepts not just for a test, but for life." 

Douglass also told us that she enjoyed meeting the parents of students she's had previously in her classes, and being able to share with them how their daughters had progressed through the math curriculum.

"It was nice to put names with faces," said Mrs. Kathleen Kelly, who teaches sections of English to both seniors and freshmen. "With our freshman parents, we talked a lot about 'Frankenstein,' which is the text we're reading next, going over the ideas of gothic literature and romanticism."

Teachers talked about everything from upcoming assignments to class expectations, as well as the textbooks and learning tools they were using. The evening was also a chance for the faculty to share their own stories of how they came to IWA and what they love about the school.

Over in Mr. Stephen Comer's biology class, he talked about much he enjoys having the students discover — or enhance — a love of science, and how hands-on labs were essential to the work he has the students complete. Comer teaches freshman on-level and Honors Biology, along with AP Biology.

"This place is special," he said of the school. "It's entire mission is built on an emphasis on service along with offering a full-fledge college preparatory education."

Parents found the evening helpful, with many talking about how great it was to meet the men and women who have so much to do with their daughters' education. They also shared how much they liked IWA's strong community feel.

"Everyone here looks out for the girls," said Chloe Morton, mother of Isabelle Lavoie '23. "The school is so supportive of the girls."

Photo by Alexandria Alvarez '22