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Giving Thanks

One of the most-anticipated and deeply loved traditions on the IWA calendar made a return this year: the annual Thanksgiving luncheon.

Hosted by the IWA Mothers' Club, the event is held the Friday before Thanksgiving break and allows the whole school community to come together for a traditional Thanksgiving feast, complete with turkey and all the trimmings.

The event was cancelled last year due to the pandemic, so it's celebration this year is all the more sweet.

The day began with Mass at Annunciation Catholic Church, celebrated by the Rev. David Michael Moses, parochial vicar at St. Faustina Church. He discussed the importance of gratitude, and noted that while our society has been very good at encouraging gratitude and realizing that expressing gratitude makes people happier, it is not always as good about to whom that gratitude should be shown.

"All of our gifts come from God," he reminded the students, faculty, staff and parents. "And one of the best ways to show thanks to God is by using those gifts well. God looks at our gifts doesn't see them as different [from each other]. He knows that what you have comes from Him. There is no need to compare. [So] give what you have. What a beautiful way to give thanks to Him for those gifts."

Following an abbreviated eight-period school day, students and faculty headed to the auditorium, decorated with festive details.

"It's so wonderful that we are able to resume this, and to see all of you here," said Sister Lauren Beck, C.V.I., who opened the luncheon with a prayer. 

"Lord, we give you thanks today in a special way, for all the blessings of our lives," she said. "Bless our families and friends, and our school community."

Members of student council also offered thanks. The Mothers' Club parent volunteers served lunch to students, faculty and staff. The parent volunteers coordinated the entire event, from sourcing and preparing the food, serving it, decorating the space and cleaning up. 

As the IWA heads into Thanksgiving break, we reflect on the gratitude we have for those who made this day possible and wish you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving!


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