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IWA Bassist Rocks the House


Incarnate Word Academy's Amelia Horner '22 and her band, Quantum Souls, took White Oak Music Hall by storm with their October 25 concert.  The outdoor location in downtown Houston had socially distanced seating, allowing viewers to safely enjoy the band’s retro rock music. The group played songs like “GhostBusters,” “Mr. Blue Sky,” and “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band,” in which the crowd roared with excitement at each song. 

Amelia has helped lead the band for over a year, and this was her thirtieth concert.  On bass, she has helped count off the group for every song and provided a fun and uplifting spirit for not only the band but also the audience. Amelia’s solo left the crowd whooping and hollering shocked at the talent of such a young teenager.

When the band was finished with their Halloween-themed performance, the crowd was surprised that such young talent lived in their city. "I would never have guessed that a high school student could lead a band, excite the audience and be good at playing a difficult instrument," said Hanna Lee, a Houston high school student in the audience. "I am really impressed."

Amelia says that her interest in music was inspired and formed by her time at IWA. 
“IWA Choir has helped to inspire me by starting my interest in music theory because I know how to play my bass, and through choir’s inspiration, I want to use that theory to help develop my own unique style and to reach my full potential as a bass player,” she said. Amelia proudly leads her band and hopes to continue to watch it grow well into the future. 

Amelia credits the leadership program at IWA, which helped her gain confidence in leading her band. “Through the leadership program at IWA, I can be a more effective leader for my band and has helped me to contribute better constructive feedback,” She said. “It has also made me more communicative when disagreements arise among the band.” 

Through learning that leaders are those who model the way, inspire a shared vision, challenge the process, enable others to act, and encourage the heart; Amelia has been able to implement long-term effective leadership tactics within her band. 

special to IWA News by Lily Cromeens '21

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