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IWA Students Selected as School Buzz Correspondents

Lily Cromeens '21 and Lauren Fuller '21 have been selected as School Buzz correspondents for "The Buzz" magazines for the 2020 - 2021 school year. In their role, they'll write about their high school experiences.

"The Buzz" magazines are a family of publications that include "The Buzz Bellaire," "The Buzz Memorial," "The Buzz Tanglewood" and "The Buzz West University." Together, the monthly magazines have a circulation of 58,000 throughout those Houston neighborhoods. 

Students must apply to become School Buzz correspondents, and are expected to provide an article each month that will be published online.

"We look for students who are genuinely excited to write and report," said Jordan Magaziner, associate editor of "The Buzz" magazines, who heads the initiative. "I feel this is such a great opportunity for any student who enjoys writing."

That's exactly what drew Lily to apply.

"I thought that this would be a fun thing to do because I love writing," she said. "I already read and write in my spare time, but I know that I wanted to get more professional and grow my knowledge about writing, especially for a publication."

She said she feels it's a fun way to better understand the realities of being a journalist. Lily hopes to do something with writing one day as a career, although not necessarily for a publication.

"I do want to write books that have a journalistic feel to them," she explained. "I would like to write non-fiction pieces that really change people's lives and their perspectives."

Like Lily, Lauren doesn't see herself being a journalist someday — she's interested in a STEM career — but she realizes that being able to write well and communicate is important. 

"Being able to effectively convey a message and even persuade an audience is a skill that transcends all distinctions of fields and is a skill that is required for success in every job," she said. "So this opportunity to be able to grow and develop my writing skills will overall help me in any career I decide to pursue in the future."

Both students have been covering what life is like at IWA. Lily's pieces have been reports about fellow students' activities and perspectives. Lauren's stories so far have been personal essays about navigating remote and hybrid learning. Both students feel their work is an important way to capture a slice of high school life in 2020.

Magaziner likes being able to see the different perspectives the correspondents to their work, and she's proud of how the program has grown since its inception in 2014.

"Some students join School Buzz their freshman or sophomore year and continue till they graduate," she said. "It’s wonderful to see how they grow over that time and I enjoy seeing where they go after graduation as well."

We're looking forward to seeing Lily and Lauren's work this year, and we know they have bright futures ahead. 

Read their work here.






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