Women of the Word Wednesday: Fiona Cosgrove '22

As a student at Pin Oak Middle School, Fiona Cosgrove '22 figured she'd attend Bellaire High School. She'd attended public schools her whole life, and it seemed natural she'd continue doing so.

"My parents wanted me to research all the options," she said. 

Since she's a self-described "very factual" person, she did.

"I loved that IWA had all of these opportunities. There were lots of classes, small clubs, ways to be involved," she said of her visit here.

As she was deciding where she wanted to go, her parents encouraged her to "take the risk," she said.

That risk paid off. Fiona is an active part of the Incarnate Word community. She's on the soccer and track and field teams, and she's a delegate on the student council.She loves math, and enjoyed taking both IWA's Python and web design classes. This year, she's taking AP Computer Science, and hopes to study business or coding in college.

"IWA has really allowed me to be able to try new things," she said. "I joined the track and field team as a way to make friends and coach said to me, 'You're tall, you're doing high jump.'"

She'd never done that before; now her personal best is a jump of 5'4". 

"Having those kinds of opportunities here has been fun," she said. 

Like her fellow students, she loves IWA's sisterhood and close community.

"My middle school had like, 400 students in my grade," she explained. "When I came here on the tour, they talked about sisterhood and I though, yeah, right. But it's really true! When you walk down the halls here, you always know somebody, and everyone is welcoming."

She believes that IWA allowed her to explore academics and athletics she might not have been able to somewhere else, and she knows she's getting an excellent education. 

"Before I came here, I never really thought much about riskiness," she said. "But the great payoff of taking a risk is that you get to discover so many opportunities."