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TEALS Computer Science Fair

Fifteen AP Computer Science Principles students attended a Computer Science Fair put on by TEALS, a Microsoft Philanthropies program that partners with IWA. Students spoke with women from Conoco-Phillips in a Women Talk Tech session, competed (and won) a hacking competition, and operated robotic fingers.

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2019 Career Day

This year's event included over 30 professional women from throughout the Houston community who gave insight and perspective on a myriad of careers including law, forensic pathology, graphic design, computer science, cinematography, physical therapy, neuroscience, engineering, geology, finance, and more.

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Office Hours with Josie Postel

“Love at first sight.” These are the words that Ms. Josie Postel used to describe her feelings about Incarnate Word Academy. She had been teaching math, history, and art at Resurrection Catholic School with several Incarnate Word Sisters when a friend of hers encouraged her to interview for the art position at IWA. When she arrived at the interview, she was surprised to find that it was a Mass Day, so on a whim she went over to Annunciation Church while she waited. “I was so struck by it. I thought, ‘This has to be the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. What an opportunity for these girls to go to this beautiful church.’ After that, it didn’t even feel like an interview. It was more like they were ready for me to come and I felt that it was the place for me.”

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Engineering comes to IWA

One of IWA’s newest course offerings is a general engineering course developed by the University of Texas at Austin as part of its “Engineer Your World” program.  Thus far, students have created pinhole cameras, reverse engineered a flashlight, analyzed data by brewing coffee, used CAD ( computer aided design) to 3D print prototypes and redesigned a building to be earthquake safe.

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