An IWA Education

For more than 145 years, Incarnate Word Academy has been a leader in girls’ education and recognized as one of Houston’s leading college-preparatory schools for young women. 

We are committed to building a foundation of academic acumen while recognizing a more comprehensive goal: empowering young leaders to be faithful, curious and empathic Women of the Word who live a spirituality based on Jesus, the Incarnate Word and desire to live according to His values. 


We form the minds and spirits of young women in the Catholic tradition.

We inspire students to learn, to be curious, and to ask questions about our faith such as, “What is Truth?” and “What is my purpose?” and “Why do we believe what we believe?”  We inspire students to love truth, beauty, and goodness through the lens of Catholic morality and theology.


We prepare students to read inquisitively, think critically and communicate effectively.

No matter our students’ career choices, they will all have to critically understand information and communicate effectively with clarity. Articulate communication requires practice, and we see a need for this regardless of one’s profession. We use literature as a tool for teaching critical thought; we use writing about literature as a mechanism for developing clear, effective communication. 


We cultivate analytical thinking and problem solving through a nurturing teaching environment.

Life requires problem solving and communication. Our courses offer a variety of applications of mathematical principles and applicable word problems as practice for college and beyond.  We want to develop a thinking-outside-the-box attitude aim to encourage young women to pursue careers and studies in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).


We prepare Women of the Word to lead successful lives by developing problem solving and critical thinking skills through understanding the science of God’s creation.   

We want every student to have an opportunity to have a voice in the conversation on scientific issues, including environmental and medical, that affect their lives and the community in which they live.  We hope to inspire students to pursue STEM careers in which they will improve the quality of life on planet Earth. 

Social Studies

We prepare students to understand and analyze human nature, culture, and society, both past and present.  

In order for students to become successful leaders, make moral decisions, and effect positive change, it is essential to understand human civilizations, cultures, and structures over time. We believe that students should mold their own opinions and insights, while maintaining an open-minded attitude of respect and dignity for those thoughts and beliefs with which they disagree. 

World Languages

We prepare our students to become more open to diverse cultures and communicate effectively in a second language to better equip them for leadership in a globalized economy.

Languages are a powerful tool in a globalized economy and multilingual individuals are in high demand. We know that learning a foreign language enhances cognitive skills. Our department is passionate about our own subject matter in addition to building our students’ academic and personal confidence.


We encourage students to seek truth, beauty, and goodness in the world around them in order to enrich the mind, body, and soul.  

A fine arts education lets students develop and polish their creative abilities, gain an appreciation for the arts, and expand their talents and skills into arenas outside the classroom. Highlights include main stage productions, choir concerts, competitions, and school performances.


We empower young women to lead and serve.

Our curriculum and program seeks to reveal within each IWA graduate her potential to lead, empower her with methods and practices to do so, and inspire her to embrace a future life of personal and professional leadership. We develop bold, authentic, servant leaders who intentionally apply their strengths, talents, and leadership skills as a way of life as they serve the needs of others. 


We empower students not only to use technology, but also to understand it.

Our curriculum integrates universal technology concepts across technology classes and support other departments and student organizations with their technology needs. Technology at IWA is cross-curricular endeavor. Students use coding expertise to create websites for end-of-year projects, use Adobe Creative Cloud to create digital art for Falcon Theatre events, and even embark on prototype-making using a 3-D printer.

An IWA education leverages:

A rigorous, college-preparatory education

Incarnate Word Academy has designed its curriculum to prepare IWA students for a lifetime of learning.  The curriculum of Incarnate Word Academy is centered on the core subject areas: English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Theology, and World Language.  IWA's rigorous college-preparatory curriculum, with numerous honors and Advanced Placement options, is complemented with wide-ranging electives that challenge students to to leverage their strengths and confidently articulate their unique stories. 

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Dedicated faculty and staff

At the heart of our academic program is our greatest resource: our talented and compassionate teachers who facilitate critical thinking and problem solving skills, which inspire students to love learning.  When recent IWA graduates return to campus, they frequently note that their academic preparedness surpassed their college classmates, and they enthusiastically attribute this to our qualified, dedicated and passionate faculty and staff.

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Programs that empower young women to lead and serve

A Woman of the Word graduate is empowered as a bold, authentic servant leader with a first instinct to serve.  Incarnate Word Academy offers a unique Young Leaders Program to fill the demand for virtuous female voice to have a seat at the leadership table.  We use formal curriculum and extra-curricular activities to reveal within each IWA graduate her potential to lead, empower her with methods and practices, and inspire her to embrace a future life of personal and professional leadership.

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Support of the whole person

By rooting everything we do in our school cornerstones of Academics, Values, and Spirituality, we nourish the total spiritual, intellectual, and social potential of our students.  IWA’s counseling department is comprised of three parts: Academic Advising, College Counseling, and Student Wellness.  Available to students from the time of acceptance through graduation and beyond, the student support team is dedicated to developing each student's unique strengths and talents. 

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You are not going to know everything. IWA prepares you for that moment when you need to learn. That love of learning has been established. IWA is that first step to building the foundation of your success. It's as simple as that!


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