Summer FAQ

We hope that you have a great summer! There are a few things that you need to make sure to do before the school year begins in August.  Please take a look below and make sure you complete the following steps. 

  • Purchase Course Textbooks
  • Complete Summer Assignments
  • Complete and Submit 2019-2020 Forms
  • Mark Your Calendars with Important Summer Dates

Summer To-Do

Complete 2019-2020 Forms

Please read the 2019-2020 Parent Student Handbook and then complete all the forms below and return to IWA's front office by July 26. 

  • All Forms – Required for all students
  • Physical Evaluation Form - Required for new students and those involved in IWA Athletics (additional Medical Packet needed as well for students involved in IWA Athletics, available by clicking here)
  • Immunization Requirement - The TCCBED policy on immunizations states all students must have all required immunizations before the first day of school or they may not begin until they are all complete. See also, State of Texas requirements here.
  • Medication Permission Form – Required for any student who needs to have medicine at school
  • Income Eligibility Form – Required for all students. Incarnate Word Academy applies for e-rate funding each year to mitigate the cost for providing technology access to our students.  Income Eligibility Forms are required as a part of the application process for e-rate funding.

Purchase Course Textbooks

IWA students should use their current class schedule along with the 2019-2020 Book List to identify their required textbooks. The IWA Book List denotes whether each text is required to be purchased in print or digital version, or whether it is the student’s choice.

There are 4 ways to purchase Course Textbooks:

Online Bookstore–MBS Direct

All required digital and print textbooks are sold through our online Virtual Bookstore.  All sales will be handled through MBSDirect. The MBS Virtual Bookstore will open on July 8th to purchase books for the 2019-2020 school year. MBS Direct will offer free shipping from July 8-14, 2019. For 9th and 10th graders, books for summer reading are available to purchase on the Virtual Bookstore.

MBS Direct Virtual Bookstore

How MBS Direct works:

  1. Click here to got to the MBS Direct Virtual Bookstore website.
  2. Select courses based on your class schedule and click on “View My Materials.”
  3. Select the materials that you would like to purchase using the 2019-2020 Book List and then add the selected items to your cart.  You will need to do this for each class. 
  4. If an instructor has provided multiple options, select the best one for you.  Example: E-text plus hardbound textbook instead of just the e-text OR used versus new. MBS Direct sells used textbooks and often includes links to Marketplace sellers.
  5. Once you have added your materials to your cart, you will be led through an intuitive check-out process. MBS Direct accepts payments via Credit Card and PayPal™
  6. The MBSDirect customer service phone number is 800-325-3252


Some of our textbooks are eBooks for use on your iPad which will need to be purchased before the beginning of school or before you have received your school issued iPad.  E-books are delivered in two ways:

  1. The instructions for accessing your e-books will be sent to the e-mail address that you provide to MBS Direct during the purchasing process.  
  2. A list of names will be sent to the teacher and he or she will provide you with your log-in the first week of school.
  3. These books will mostly be purchased through our online Virtual Bookstore, however some content will be made available through the teachers of specific courses or through other channels.  

Outside Sources

If you choose to purchase books from another source other than our official online bookstore, you must match the ISBN# to ensure that you have the correct editions which can be found on the book list. Please note that all workbooks, some novels and selected texts must be purchased new. Other books may be purchased used. Digital books (ebooks) and Digital/Print Combos must be purchased through our online Virtual Bookstore in order to ensure the correct edition, unless otherwise noted.

IWA Used Book Online Exchange

Online Used Book Sale Portal

Selling or Purchasing used books:

  • Review the 2019-2020 used textbook list.  This is different from the regular list.  The used textbook list only includes books that can be purchased used.
  • Click here to post used books and purchase books.
  • Your login credentials have been emailed to you. They are your last name and a six-digit code (i.e. Last Name: Student Student Number: 123456).
  • Select the book from the IWA booklist you wish to sell.  Note the condition and the price requested.
  • Select the book from the IWA booklist you wish to purchase.  E-mail the seller to arrange exchange of money/books. Ask the seller if they will be accepting checks.
  • When sold, seller must remove books from the IWA booklist.

Condition and Pricing of Books:

  • All books must be clean and in good condition, with no pages missing.
  • No workbooks will be sold.
  • All prices must be in whole dollar amounts
  • Price books according to their condition
  • Students can expect to receive anywhere from 10% - 40% of the new textbook price. These percentages are based primarily upon the condition, and please remember that books priced too high are likely not to sell. Use the ISBN links to help you set appropriate prices.

Procedures for Purchase and Pick-Up:

  • Sellers remove purchased books from the used book list.
  • Students selling to current students will need to arrange a meeting place and a time for the transaction.
  • Students selling to new students (freshmen or transfer students) are encouraged to complete transactions from on Thursday, May 30th in the IWA auditorium.

Used Book Exchange – Thursday May 30th, 2019
Each spring IWA hosts a Used Book and Uniform exchange in which students can exchange books purchased through the IWA used book site and/or buy used uniforms. This year's exchange will be on Thursday, May 30th in the IWA auditorium.

Questions?  Please contact Casey Scott,

Online Used Book Sale Portal

Buy Your Uniform

Please take a moment to read the 2019-2020 IWA Uniform Policy.

New uniforms can be purchased through Mills Uniform Company, and their Summer Sale will take place June 8-22, 2019. See the flyer below for additional details.

Complete Summer Assignments

Each student also has a summer reading text for her English course.  In addition, several advanced places courses require students to complete work over the summer.  Students should carefully reference the assignment packet for expectations regarding summer reading for each course.

Rising Freshmen English I and Honors English I English I summer reading list and assignments
Rising Sophomores English II and Honors English II English II summer reading list and assignments
Rising Juniors English III English III summer reading list and assignments
Rising Juniors AP English III AP English III summer reading list and assignments
Rising Seniors English IV English IV summer reading list and assignments
Rising Seniors AP English IV AP English IV summer reading list and assignments
Enrolled Students AP Calculus AB and BC Calculus Summer Packet
Enrolled Students AP Chemistry Chemistry Summer Packet
Enrolled Students AP US History AP US History Packet

Mark Your Calendar

Helpful Information for New Families


Looking for information about tuition? Visit the tuition page of our website. The first tuition payment for the 2019-2020 school year is due on July 1. 

2019-2020 Calendar

Curious about Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring Break schedules? Click through our 2019-2020 Calendar. It will be updated throughout the summer with greater detail. 

Summer Assignments

Scroll up to "Summer To-Do" for all the information you need regarding summer reading and assignments!

Volunteering and Getting Involved

Volunteering with one of our parent organizations is a great way to get involved in the IWA community. The success of many school activities and events depends on parent support and involvement. You can learn more about the various volunteer opportunities online. Thank you in advance for your interest!

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When is Orientation and the first day of school?

Orientation will be held for all new students on August 12th and 13th. It is important that new students attend both days of Orientation. The first day of school for all students will be held on August 14th.

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