Technology Integrations

By offering technology classes, we intentionally encourage students not only to use technology, but also to understand it.

Incarnate Word Academy is committed to preparing our students for success in an ever-changing world by implementing the latest technology into our educational practices.  From iPads in our backpacks to desktops at home and storage in the cloud, technology is everywhere.  Advances in technology affect how we live, work, play, and most importantly for IWA, how we learn.   

Learning with Technology

Here are just a few of the ways that IWA uses technology to better prepare students:

iPad Program

Student writes using iPad classroom technology.

As part of our 1:1 technology program, Incarnate Word Academy provides each student with an iPad during her time at IWA. This iPad program provides our students with the opportunity to develop the skills, tools, and experiences needed to succeed in high school and to better prepare them for college and beyond.

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Classroom Technology

Student writes using Smart Board classroom technology.

IWA partners with TEALS, a Microsoft Philanthropies program, to integrate computer science classes and curriculum into our school.  Teachers employ creative ways to explore concepts, keep students engaged, and track progress.  Teachers make use of a variety of interactive softwares including SmartNotebook to aid instruction, GoogleClassroom for collaboration, MyHomework for planning, and Socrative for assessments.

Technology at IWA is cross-curricular endeavor. Students use coding expertise to create websites for end-of-year projects, use Adobe Creative Cloud to create digital art for Falcon Theatre events, and even embark on prototype-making using a 3-D printer.

Technology Curriculum

Our students are digital natives that have been using mobile devices since elementary school.  By offering technology classes, we intentionally encourage students not only to use technology, but also to understand it.  Our technology course offerings include:

  • Engineering & Problem Solving
  • AP Computer Science Principles
  • 3D Modeling & Game Design
  • Web Design
  • Digital Design & Media Production

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Technology Center & Library

Incarnate Word Academy is home to a recently renovated Technology Center and Library that provides students space for both hands-on classroom learning and collaborative work.  IWA's provides the hardware and software necessary for our students to explore new frontiers in the digital world including:

  • 4 workspaces for student collaboration
  • 48 Dell Precisions 
  • An all-school Adobe Creative license
  • CAD software: Autodesk 3DS Max (for 3D modeling and animation class) and Autodesk Fusion 360 (for engineering class)
  • Mobile SmartBoards
  • 3D Printers