Frequently asked questions

What percentage of IWA students are accepted into college?
Each year, 100 percent of our seniors receive multiple college acceptances to competitive colleges in the United States and abroad.

Is IWA academically competitive?

The statistics speak for themselves. Our AP test scores (3-5 percentages) rank with the best Houston high schools and exceed Texas’ averages. More than 75% of our students who take AP placement tests score a 3-5.

We offer 17 AP classes and 5 Dual Credit classes in collaboration with Lone Star College. Anecdotally, our students reach out to IWA teachers when they are in college to report that they are well-prepared and confident in their academic abilities.

What value does the Young Leaders Program offer in student success in college and beyond? 
For students to be successful in a rapidly changing world, they need to be confident communicators and collaborators. Our Young Leaders Program empowers each student at IWA to become adaptive, authentic servant leaders. The program combines innovative, project-based classes with co-curricular opportunities that allow students to practice and develop a variety of leadership skills. Throughout the four year program, students study and embrace the character and skills necessary to be a true leader, practice these skills by organizing and executing service projects out in the community, launching a small business, and planning for their future financial futures.

What sports are at IWA?
We offer nine sports: volleyball, cross country, basketball, soccer, track, golf, swimming, tennis, and softball. In addition, our students participate as cheerleaders at St. Thomas High School.

What accommodations/tutoring are available for my daughter?
IWA provides reasonable accommodations in order for students to have equal access to the academic courses, without sacrificing the integrity of the educational program and rigor. Accommodations offered at IWA include extended time, preferential seating, and note-taking assistance.
Tutoring is available during the school day during our Academic Advisory and Flex timeframes. Before and after school tutoring, as well as meetings with teachers during their office hours, offer additional times for academic support.

 If my daughter is interested in the Arts, what do you offer?
We have many opportunities for development within the Arts. We have  Falcon Theatre, Choir, Impact Dance team, visual arts courses, and a Publications course that develops an award-winning yearbook.

Will my daughter grow in her relationship with God and develop a strong value system to help her throughout life? 

IWA believes in an integrated spirituality, one that combines faith formation and embraces gospel living. Every student takes part in an annual retreat held off campus and participates in giving service to others throughout her 4 years at IWA. 
Students are encouraged to participate in our campus ministry team who help to plan retreats, mission trips, prayer services and all-school masses. 
Theology classes help students to mature in their faith. The four-year curriculum includes study in scripture, sacramental theology, Catholic social teaching, world religions, morality, and faith formation. Students come to a deeper understanding and appreciation of God in their everyday lives, while encouraging them to live according to Gospel values. 

Is IWA accredited, and by what agency?

Yes, we are accredited by the Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops Education Department (TCCB ED). 

Do your faculty hold advanced degrees?

The majority of faculty hold post-graduate degrees (Master’s degree: 64%, Ph.D. or Ed.D: 8%). 

What is the tuition for 2023-2024?



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