Why all-girls?

At IWA, we believe in the power of young women finding their voice in the classroom and beyond.  Around the world, young women who attend girls' schools report being able to express themselves freely and frequently in an environment of support with teaching methods tailored to their needs.

Think about it: 100% of all student leadership positions at IWA are held by girls.  100% of all positions on the athletic field are played by girls.  100% of all questions asked and answered in classrooms are by girls. 

By the numbers

Incarnate Word Academy's all-girl environment breeds a culture of confidence where remarkable intellect is of great importance, and the development of each girl’s unique potential is essential.  The national numbers* for girls who attend all-girls schools speak for themselves:

*Data taken from Women Graduates of Single-Sex and Coeducational High Schools: Difference in their Characteristics and the Transition to College" by Linda J. Sax, Ph. D. of UCLA Graduate School of Education and Information Studies


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