There are many opportunities to pursue a passion for music at IWA. 

Incarnate Word Academy has a rich choral tradition and our award-winning choir performs at school events and competitions throughout the year.  Students interested in band play with St. Thomas High School Band and have performed at NRG Stadium.  

IWA Choir

IWA Choir performs with St. Thomas High School at the Christmas concert.

Led by Choir Director Josh Wilson, this year-long class is a performing vocal ensemble that represents the school at public functions and concerts along with school Masses. The students are taught a variety of music with emphasis centering on correct notes and rhythms, tonal production, vowel formations, diction, posture, and concert etiquette. Students participate in at least two concerts yearly as well as performing at school functions. Additionally, students participate in regional and state vocal competitions. 

Band at St. Thomas High School

This year-long course at St. Thomas High School is for students with no previous musical training. Band provides a supportive, motivating setting which allows the student to develop the skills necessary to perform at the more advanced level of the St. Thomas Eagle Band. 

IWA taking band at St. Thomas High School join them in performances including the STHS-IWA Christmas Concert and halftime at the Strake Jesuit–STHS football game.