Visual Arts

Our Visual Arts Program focuses on developing student's understanding, experience and skill.  

Students in our art classes develop their creative abilities in a variety of media and gain appreciation for the arts through exposure  to a variety of theories, techniques, and concepts.  Student artwork is displayed throughout IWA's Studio 609 throughout the year, and students receive recognition in VASE competitions each year.

Fundamentals of Art

The IWA art program includes band, choir, theatre, tech crew, visual arts, and dance.

Fundamentals of Art is the study of how art relates to God, humankind, nature and the self. Students experience the nature of art through the exploration of different media, tools and disciplines. Students develop critical thinking skills through critiquing art work, studying artists of various regions and times, and discovering how cultural context influences art.

Textile Art

The IWA art program includes band, choir, theatre, tech crew, visual arts, and dance.

In Textile Art, students study fabric arts including quilting, weaving, and other cloth-related work. . Through this course, students challenge their imaginations, foster critical thinking, collaborate with others, and build reflective skills. While exercising meaningful problem-solving skills through textile arts, students develop the lifelong ability to make informed judgments and appreciate and understand artistic expression.

Advanced Art

Students grow in their relationship with Jesus, the Incarnate Word, through study, prayer and service.

This year-long course is the continuing study of Art, its application and its history. Art is practiced with an emphasis on learning more about all disciplines. Students may experiment in two-dimensional and/or three-dimensional art with a concentration in either a particular media, discipline, or both.

Studio 609

Student life at IWA includes athletics, arts, honor societies, and organizations related to competition, government, spiritua

The mission of the Art Club is to inspire a desire to learn more about the visual arts, to enrich the students’ knowledge of art/artist that have and continue to influence the art world, and to gain a better understanding about art and its impact on our society. Students will be given an opportunity to share their ideas and communicate them in their own artwork. Students will meet monthly during flextime and one day after school along with sharing work done independently outside school. The goal of the club is have an exhibit at the end of the school year to share with the school sharing what they’ve learned.