Incarnational Spirituality

"May our life then be as a book in which others can read beforehand the instruction that we must give them." 

These wise words of Mother Jeanne de Matel, Foundress of the Order of the Incarnate Word and Blessed Sacrament, form the heart of an Incarnate Word Academy education.  Students grow in their relationship with Jesus, the Incarnate Word, through study, prayer and service.  In building this relationship, our students come to an understanding of their own dignity and self-worth, as well as develop a moral sense for loving others and a call to serve.  As young Women of the Word, they become a source of Christ’s light and goodness for the world.

What is Incarnational Spirituality?

Father Ron Rolheiser, OMI, so simply stated, "the mystery of the Incarnation is God taking on human Incarnate and dealing with human beings in a visible, tangible way." It is for us to continue to give God's Incarnate to family, friend and stranger alike, in our homes, workplaces and our world.   The Word is Incarnate when we:

  • live with integrity as Jesus did.
  • care for others, treat others with dignity and respect.
  • affirm the goodness in others, when we lift up others.
  • forgive, no matter the hurt as Jesus did.
  • open our eyes and ears to need and respond as best we can.
  • spread joy to others; work to bring justice and hope to others.

How do we live out Incarnational Spirituality?


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