Why Leadership?

We want to prepare students to thrive in our changing world.

The YLP program seeks to reveal within each IWA graduate her potential to lead, to empower her with methods and practices, and to inspire her to embrace a life of personal and professional leadership.  We seek to develop authentic, bold servant leaders.  We encourage our students to be role models of character who intentionally apply their strengths, talents, and leadership skills as they serve the needs of others.  

How do we teach leadership?

We teach leadership in the classroom through four unique courses.

The Young Leaders Program empowers young women to lead and serve.

The IWA Young Leaders Program includes an innovative curriculum focused on character and leadership development, critical life skills, project management, and applications in business and personal finance.  This four-course sequence distinguishes Incarnate Word Academy as one of the only high schools in the country to offer its students a concentration in leadership studies. All courses are adapted from materials created by national thought leaders, leadership programs, and universities.

How will I learn leadership?

We teach leadership by putting classroom lessons into practice.

Leading with Service students put on a Christmas Miracle for St. Pius V.

The IWA Young Leaders Program believes that leadership is best learned through experience and practice.  We ask students to take their classroom lessons and apply them in real life situations on service teams in their school and throughout the community.  

How will I practice leadership?

What might my leadership journey look like?

We want to make sure that students take advantage of all that YLP has to offer.  Check out one of these class-specific leadership road maps to see where your YLP journey might lead you.

Our Leadership Journeys

We think our recent graduates offer our most powerful testimonials. Watch these short videos for a glimpse into how YLP can help you lead a bold, courageous, authentic life.


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